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Dr. Salvatore Cuccomarino, MD

The first Italian medical site dedicated entirely to diastasis recti

Our Centres

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St Catherine of Siena Clinic

Turin Via Villa della Regina 19 - tel. 011 819 9300

DEDA MED Medical Centre

Turin via Lamarmora 35 - tel. 011 568 2237

DE MEDICA Medical Centre

Chivasso Galileo Ferraris 13F - tel. 011 043 8161

FORMA Clinic

Milan via L. Cagnola 3 - tel. 02 3829 3022

San Biagio Outpatient Clinic

Biella via Maestri del Commercio 4 - tel. 375 792 5516

Salvatore Cuccomarino -

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About me

I deal with minimally invasive abdominal wall surgery for over 20 years. Since 2017 my activity has focused on the REPA, the minimally invasive surgery for diastasis of the rectumwhich I performed for first in Europe and boasted of today the world's largest case history.

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Our strengths

We were the first in Europe

We were the first to perform REPA in Europein 2017; we were the first to perform a MILA in Europein 2022; we were the first to develop a integral medical approach the treatment of diastasis and dysfunctions of the "abdominal core, which passes through dietary balances, physiotherapy preparation to the intervention, lifestyle corrections

We have the largest casuistry in the world

Our REPA casuistry, with over 350 patients operated on, is currently the largest in the world and represents a important international reference for anyone, doctor or patient, approaching the problem of the treatment of diastasis recti

We innovated and published our data

We have made significant innovations to this surgical techniquebut, above all, we have shared and published in journals and volumes published by internationally renowned publishers the results of our work.

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