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Diastasis of the rectum: REPA on Surgical Endoscopy

La REPAinnovative surgery to repair the diastasis recti with minimally invasive techniques, has risen to the Olympus of great surgical techniques. On 18 September, in fact, Surgical Endoscopyone of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world, published the case history of my friend Derlin Juarez Muas, the inventor of the REPAwith step-by-step details of the technique.

This means, in a nutshell, that the international scientific community at its highestdiastasis of the rectus abdominis, diastasis of the rectus abdominis expressions recognised the REPA the role it has played for several years now in the diastasis rectiand appreciated its 'gentle' characteristics due to its minimal invasiveness and rapid postoperative recovery for patients undergoing it.

Needless to say, for us 'sodalists' of Derlin, belonging like him to the very exclusive "Grupo Iberoamericano de Hernia and that we feel a little REPA as 'our daughter', the news was an occasion of joy and great celebration; it is a just recognition of the intelligence and work of Dr. Juarez Muas, who patiently taught us, his fellow travellers, how to make the minimally invasive rectus diastasis repair as correctly as possible. Clearly, each of us has added his own (I, for example, introduced the method of identifying and marking the perimeter of the diastasis, and the use of peripheral nerve blocks for post-operative pain control): but these 'appendages' have not detracted from the innate elegance of the REPAHowever, they were always subject to the judgement and approval of Derlin and the other GIH surgeons.

Rectum diastasis and REPA: personal considerations

As a personal remark, I would like to add that I hope that this very prestigious international recognition will put an end to all the controversy and criticism (almost exclusively from other Italian surgeons, who evidently do not have the faintest idea of this technique...) regarding the use and position of the network in the surgery of the diastasis recti; criticism at times

minimally invasive surgery for diastasis of the rectus
Me and Dr. Derlin Juares Muas, inventor of the REPA technique, at last year's Italian Society of Surgery congress

so fierce and expressed with such arrogance that, in the end, one can sense the envy that underlies them.

Very good Derlin! The next step is now the publication of the multicentre study with hundreds of cases analysed one by one (of which many were operated on by the writer, who has the second largest case history of REPA of the world, right after Master Juarez Muas himself). Hasta la victoria siempre, querido amigo!


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