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Subcutaneous lipoemulsion: a new adventure!

From next year we will offer our patients an extraordinary new service: the subcutaneous lipoemulsion, o LESC.

La subcutaneous lipoemulsion (LESC) is an innovative and reliable technology that, through astate-of-the-art ultrasound equipment with medical certification, allows the removal of localised panniculus adiposus and the cellulite.subcutaneous lipoemulsion, LESC, rectus diastasis, REPA, Cuccomarino
It uses 2 cm diameter blunt cannulas that are introduced into the panniculus adiposus obtaining not only the fat melting but also a lifting effect of the treated area.

After making a small 2 mm incision, ultrasound is emitted through the tip of the cannula; the fat, once emulsified, is sucked out through a micro-cannula.

At the end of the treatment, the hole where the cannula was introduced is closed with plasters, without the need for stitches; finally, a compression sleeve is applied for 7-10 days.

There are numerous advantages of LESC over traditional liposuction:
- thanks to pulsed multifrequency, the heat released allows the skin to adhere to the new volume, reducing flaccidity
- greater processing precision resulting in tissue homogeneity
subcutaneous lipoemulsion, LESC, rectus diastasis, REPA, Cuccomarino- the particular shape of the cannulae avoids the risk of gas embolism

The interventions of subcutaneous lipoemulsion are carried out in local anaesthesia by injecting a very dilute volume of local anaesthetic (lidocaine) and capillary vasoconstrictor (epinephrine) into the subcutaneous fat to amplify the cavitational effect. To improve patient comfort, reduce anxiety and intra-procedural pain local anaesthesia can be combined with conscious sedation.

The areas that can be treated with the LESC are: chin, arms, hips, abdomen, buttocks, knees, ankles, inside-outsidesubcutaneous lipoemulsion, LESC, rectus diastasis, REPA, Cuccomarino thigh. However, as our companies know, we are in love with the multidisciplinarity of treatmentsand we will associate the subcutaneous lipoemulsionwhere deemed necessary and accepted by the patients, to the REPA at treatment of diastasis of the rectuswhen there are to be reshaping areas of subcutaneous adiposity so as to give a better cosmetic result for our patients with abdominal diastasis. The specific evaluation for the LESC will be realised at a later stage than the first visit, and the subcutaneous lipoemulsion will be performed before the rectus diastasis surgery.

In this way, our group confirms its leadership in Italy in the minimally invasive reshaping of the abdomen and in the treatments for functional recovery of the abdominal wall for patients with diastasis of the rectus. Gentle and effective surgery, always!

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