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The new frontier of minimally invasive abdominal wall reshaping

La MILA (Minimally Invasive Lipo-Abdominoplasty) represents an extraordinary development in endoscopic rectus diastasis surgery and is in fact today the new frontier in abdominal remodelling. Through the combination of REPA and subcutaneous lipoemulsion (LESC)in correctly selected patients, we can achieve a deep, minimally invasive reshaping of the abdominal wall, with results similar to those of abdominoplasty but without its invasiveness.

La subcutaneous lipoemulsion (LESC) is an innovative technology that, thanks to the emission of ultrasound delivered through very thin (approx. 2 mm) cannulaeIt allows subcutaneous fat to be melted and sucked out. At the same time, ultrasound causes a noticeable 'tightening' - or shrinkage - of the skin, which remodels itself on the empty space left by the suction of fat.

Actions speak louder than words... and videos. Here is one of our team, followed by pre- and post-operative photographs of the patient treated.

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