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What are the results of REPA?

Once again, the word must be left to published scientific work and not to the narrative of phantasmagorical personal merits. Shared, proven experiences, analysed by those with the authority to do so and recognised as valid are the only possible way to arrive at a solid and well-founded knowledgeas Leonardo said, 'wisdom is the child of experience'.

Therefore, we summarise below the main findings of REPA, as published in the literature, linking to the bibliographical references to check our statements.

Resolution of postural symptoms (back pain, etc.): 80% one month after surgery
Resolution of urological symptoms (urinary incontinence, etc.): 89.8% one month after surgery
Relapses0.8% 5 years after surgery
Disappearance or significant improvement in abdominal bloating86% one month after surgery
Disappearance of abdominal prolapse: 100% one month after surgery
Improved intestinal transit88% one month after surgery

If you read the linked articles, you will find further indications of scientific work on REPA (or SCOLA) and its results.

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